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25 Meter Gibbon Flowline Double Ratchet Slackline Set


25 Meter Double Ratchet Flowline Slackline Set. Including two ratchets with spacer for 25mm webbing.

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This is the Gibbon Flowline in 25 meter length with a double ratchet setup for 25mm fluro yellow flat webbing. The ratchets have the plastic spacer to make the 25mm webbing fit perfect. The second ratchets helps to put the double of tension onto the slackline.

Due to its good tension in stretching ratio, this flat webbing is also ideal for 1 inch beginners to start with.
The set allows lines to be set up to 18 m, with the simple and easy to understand tension mechanism of using two ratchets.

This is the easiest way to get your 25 mm webbing longlining slackline action started.



BANDTYPE: flat webbing
WEIGHT: 3.85 kg
LENGTH: 25 m complete set (22 m webbing / 72 ft webbing and 2 x ratchets with 2 meter webbing slings)
WIDTH: 25 mm / 1“
MATERIAL: Polyester
PRINT: silk screen
RATCHET: Standard coated steel



1 x 22 meter Flow Line 25mm webbing

2 x  Ratchet with spacer for 25mm webbing


Watch the Gibbon FlowLine Slackline Product Video:

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