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Custom Text Slackline Set in any Length – 50mm webbing


5.00 out of 5

Custom Text Slackline Set in any Length. 50mm wide, medium flex webbing, slackline set incl. slings and one ratchet

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We offer the only custom text written slackline New Zealand! This is the custom Text Slackline Set available in any length made by Slacklineshop NZ here in New Zealand with local manufacturers!

Choose any length you want and write any text you want to be woven permanently on your new Slackline. Try to write it with 60 characters (Spaces are characters as well), because our weaving loom is an classic tool and can’t do mass processing. Every webbing will get custom made for you, there is nothing waiting on our shelves. It’s worth it!

The webbing itself  is a 50 mm wide heavy duty two ply construction. This custom Slackline is a complete set and including the ratchet part with a 2.5 meter sling. Both slings are protected with a 65 mm heavy duty, anti-chafe sleeves. It is the most simple way to set up a Slackline. This 50 mm webbing has a collapse load of 25,000 N (2,500 kg). The custom Slackline webbing it self has less stretch but is flexible and bouncy enough adjustable through ratchet tension to get a nice a smooth elasticity. The 5 cm width webbing gives enough stability to the ankle joint to walk and jump easily. This is a complete set and due to it´s characteristic this custom webbing is perfect for beginners and Trickline learners. This ratchet-sling-belt system is the most easiest one. We recommend to get a second ratchet for a webbing length over 25 meter, so feel free to choose double ratchet for more tension!

You´ll get best quality webbing made in New Zealand!



See how this Slackline es getting made here in New Zealand:










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1 review for Custom Text Slackline Set in any Length – 50mm webbing

  1. 5 out of 5


    The webbing is so smooth when bouncing. Feels like the GIBBON classic slackline!

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