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Gibbon Trickline Tension Anchor Set


Extreme Gibbon Slacklines Trickline Anchor Tensioning Set. Includes XXL Ratchet, XL Tree Protection, Safety Rope, Shackle and 3m Anchor Sling

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The Gibbon Tricklining Anchor Tension Set is the absolute highest standard Tricklining Tensioning upgrade you can get for your Trickline Slackline Webbing. The XXL Ratchet has an Extension to almost double the lever of your ratchet. The set includes every component to make one side of your Slackline Trickline webbing the ultimate tensioning wonder. With an ease you’ll be able to put enough maximum amount of tension onto the webbing to jump as high as the webbing material would let you.

This Tension anchor is tested by the professional athletes of Gibbon Slacklines for over one year. It also has safety upgrades like the backup rope. Even on high tension, this is now more secure than any other slackline 2-piece ratchet set would be!

Used by professional slackliners this anchor system combines a safe anchoring of the slackline, maximum protection on anchor
and fix points and that extra power by using the exclusive XXL RATCHET system. The system comes with an easy to attach BACKUP LINE for a redundant system.


• xxl ratchet for high performance trickline tensioning (used by the pros)
• unfold the ratchet handle for extra leverage to create that extra power
• for advanced trickline setups. compatible with other gibbon tricklines
• to create the perfect tension on an anchor which is designed to avoid harming trees
• set includes backup line


Set includes:

  • XXL Ratchet with 50 cm ratchet band
  • 3 m / 10 ft ROUND SLING
  • Slackline High-End Shackle
  • Safety Rope

Watch the how-to-setup video for the Trickline Anchor Set:

Add a slackline webbing to the cart and make it a complete set!

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