Secret Slackline Spot Summer Start Spring Break Trickline Session Slacklining New Zealand with Gibbon Slacklines


Summer is coming folks, and we have the slacklines ready for you! Start with a beginner set, then get a top brand in Slacklining like Gibbon or Elephant Slacklines. Find your style and discipline and get either into Longlining or Tricklining. Watch this beautiful mellow Slackline Summer Session and learn how to fly with balance on one of our slacklines. Enjoy Summer!



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Patrick Stern

by Patrick Stern

Patrick lives in Wellington, he came to New Zealand in early 2013 and is originally from southern Germany. His passion is surfing and travelling. He got hooked to slacklining during his physio therapy after he had a knee surgery in fact of a skate accident. Now he is fitter than ever before - thanks to the magic of walking the slackline. That was also the reason he started this online shop, he wants to get as many people as possible onto this fantastic piece of belt. For more information about Patrick visit his Google Plus Profile

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