Which Elephant Slackline Set is the right one for me?


Each of our sets is perfect for slacklining. Differences in set-up start to get important when you for instance take up jumping. In that case, the freak system that includes slings and shackles is definitely the better choice. If the slackline is used for beginners or kids, the girth hitch systems can be used in good conscience. Choosing the width of your slackline (25 mm/1″, 35 mm/1.4″ or 50 mm/2″) is a matter of taste. Wider lines often help to overcome the “fear” of that narrow piece of webbing and are more suitable for tricks compared to 25 mm (1″) lines. However, thinner lines offer a very controlled feeling while walking once one is more practiced.


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Highest demands on quality, longevity, functionality and cool design characterise the slacklines with the elephant. Our lines are developed, tested and improved together with our pro team – you will find the results here in our online shop!

Wider lines (50 mm/2″) are especially suited for beginners and ambitious jump liners, while our 25 mm (1″) lines feel really nice while walking. With the 35 mm (1.4″) lines (development is under way) we have found a compromise that covers both areas.

It is important that the line does not touch the ground in the middle. The rest is a matter of taste: In our experience, beginners learn faster on tighter lines. Slacker lines on the other hand have a higher training effect.


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