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Elephant Slacklines is the second biggest Slackline brand after Gibbon Slacklines. Both brands are from Germany and stand for high quality Slackline Sets. For the last years both companies, Elephant and Gibbon produce Slackline Sets with only two parts – the ratchet sling and the slackline webbing itself. Elephant Slacklines have probably the best ratchet on the market worldwide. The long handle ratchet has a slow release system build in! One of our athletes from the Wellington Slackline Collective and Slackline Festival NZ said: “The ratchets have a slow release mechanism (you can let the ratchet out one tooth at a time). I had an elephant kit for a while and it made it way easier to detension and saves the webbing from getting chewed up by the ratchet.”

The Elephant Slacklines are also perfect for jumping and tricklining with the Rookie Flash’lines and the Addict Flash’lines on their super bouncy 50mm webbing in Pink or Fluro Yellow. The Wing 3.5 Slackline Sets are special due to their Wing Technology which is softer on the webbing edges to stop bare feet slackliners to have skin rush. Also the Wing 3.5 slacklines are unique to its 35mm width. Both slackline webbings, the 35mm and the 50mm by Elephant Slacklines, have a black outline. This outline is awesome orientation and especially landing on the slackline after a jump or trick or even just to walk your first steps more save!

We also have 3 Slacklines Sets in stock which come with the short ratchet strap, 2 shackles and 2 round anchor slings. This extra gear will help to setup the slackline always perfect straight. So no webbing will twist. And also the ratchet itself will be closer to the tree as the long strap ratchet, which stops unwanted bounce of the ratchet while using the slackline.

All Elephant Slackline Sets come with a Tree Protection Set for two Trees. The blue velcro felt set wraps around trees with 1.5 meter.

We also sell the Elephant Slacklines long handle Ratchet with spacer for 25mm webbing as a single product.

Also will all Elephant Slacklines come in a solid box which includes paper instructions and a cotton carry on bag for your gear!


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The range of the Elephant Slacklines Sets and our Slackline level recommendation looks like this:




elephant-slacklines-rookie-15meter-zoom-out              Elephant-Slacklines-35mm-15-meter-set

15 Meter Wing 3.5 Elephant Slackline Set in 35mm with Ratchet and Tree Protection

15 Meter Rookie Flash Elephant Slackline Set in 50mm with Ratchet and Tree Protection

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Elephant-slackline-addict-25meter-yellow-zoom-out          Elephant-Slacklines-Wing-35mm-25-meter-shackles-round-anchor-slings

25 Meter Addict Flash Elephant Slackline Set with Long Handle Ratchet and Tree Protection

25 Meter Elephant Wing 3.5 Slackline Set with Ratchet, Shackles, Achor-Slings and Tree Protection

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Professional and Trickliner:



25 Meter Freak Flash Elephant Slackline Set with long handle Ratchet, Shackles, Anchor Slings and Tree Protection

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