GIBBON Fitness Slackline Indoor Frame is available for Christmas in New Zealand


We are happy to announce that we are able to deliver the GIBBON Fitness Slackrack to you around Christmas. The new version of the SlackRack 300 is soon available. The new fitness Slackrack has the Gibbon Slacklines Fitness Webbing and includes a rubber flex band and hand gripes for the ultimate work-out at your indoor facility. There are also no more problems with the neoprene cover sleeves and the rubber feet are build in.

Best New Feature: The SlackRack is adjustable in 2 Meter or 3 Meter – Soon there will be an Upgrade Kit for a 4 Meter extension.


Watch the videos, they say more than 1000 words written:

Listen to a professional Slackline Therapist from Germany:


Out of stock

Out of stock