Give Slacklining a Go – Meetup Group Frank Kitts Park Wellington New Zealand


After a long break we finally got back together to give Slacklining a go through the Wellington Adventure Meetup Group. Not even one day after creating the slackline event we had more than 8 people signed up and we had at the end 5 people on the waiting list. It means there is quite some demand for slacklining in Wellington which is really good to see! We had some beginners on the webbing and also a hand full rookies. We brought along a 15 Mete Line, 25 Meter Line and a 30 Meter Slackline with custom text woven in. Iit´s awesome how many trees and spots Frank Kitts Park offers to play around and build up different length slacklines. So it was a nice mixed up group of people which got together and wanted to learn how to slackline! We will definitely do this kind of event more often from now on and we will try to get a slackline session going every now and then. So keep on checking back on the Give Slacklining a Go meetup group or simply walk past Frank Kitts Park in Wellington to see if there are slacklines build up between the trees close to the waterfront.





Give Slacklining a Go Meetup Group in Wellington

4 thoughts on “Give Slacklining a Go – Meetup Group Frank Kitts Park Wellington New Zealand

  1. simon says:

    That was a great session – the most progress i have made yet. Finally broke the 10 steps mark. I think what helped a lot was the calm evening weather and a chilled out atmosphere, and plenty of time and space to keep getting back on.
    It was great to have so many people new to slacklining enjoying themselves and wanting more.

    Good work Patrick, bring on the next session!

  2. Jonathan says:

    Great atmosphere and awesome group of people. I had a bunch of fun on the lines, each setup is unique in the way it responds when you walk it. I’ve yet to reach the end but am keen keep pushing till I can. It was nice to see the number of passers-by that gave it a go, many ended up staying till the end.

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