How to do Slackline Tricks in Carrara Park Wellington New Zealand


Past Sunday we got together in Carrara Park in Newtown, Wellington, New Zealand to do some slacklining. Along with us, the slackliners, there was a little festival going on. Musicians, artists, parcours and dance performer. There was also a performance part for the slackline guys, which did good but almost missed their time slot.

In the end we had set up 4 different slacklines by 4 different vendors. One highline by pure slacklines, a Torpedo7 line, a Gibbon JibLine and the 25 Meter Slacklineshop ratchet slackline set. All of those slacklines were lots of fun, but the guys kept slacklining the most on the Gibbon and the Slacklineshop ones. Jason pulled a couple of really good tricks which you can see on the pictures. He did a nice Buddha Sit slackline trick in slow motion, so I could capture the single steps. He also did some high jump slackline tricks with rotations, butt bounce and butt bounce mount tricks. He meant the Gibbon line fires you really high up after pushing a lot of energy into it. The slacklineshop ones has almost the same feeling when you jump into but not gives you the same amount of energy back as the Gibbon, he said. This is probably because the slacklineshop line is a bit thicker and more robust which on the other hand gives you a longer lifetime of the slackline itself, I thought. I am interested in what you think about it! Feel free to write your opinion as a comment below!

Here is my conclusion:

The Torpedo7 line we had unfortunately wasn’t good to do slackline tricks at all, but made a good job for beginners to just walk on it. The pure slackline is really nice for high lining, but just to narrow to jump and land tricks and the tubular shape didn’t help to pull off some tricks neither. The Gibbon was the best for tricks and high jumping but you can tell that the webbing and the fabric is damaged at the sites of the webbing after only using it for a couple of month. The 25 meter slacklineshop is really a lot of fun for slackline tricks learners, has a really nice flex for jumping and landing and will least super long due to the strong webbing construction itself and robust ratchet setup and release system.



Slackline Tricks in Carrara Park Wellington New Zealand