How to set up slackline with ratchet system


A slackline set with a ratchet and webbing slings is probably the most simple and most durable system you can get. It´s easy to set up and fast to release. The ratchet and the webbing belt is also no problem to carry it around town or lift it up all the way of a mountain summit. You can carry it easy in your backpack or leave it in your car all the time to have your slackline kit ready when ever you need it. Here is a short and simple how to set up slackline with a ratchet webbing slings system:



STEP 1: Wrap both parts, ratchet end and webbing sling end around the trees you have chosen and put each part through the sling itself. TIP: Fold the part where the slackline webbing touches the sling in half (as seen on first picture on setup illustration)


Insert the end of your webbing sling through the ratchet middle part which will turn later when you put tension on it. TIP: Double check that the woven in text of your slackline is pointing to the top and make sure it´s not twisted and straight up all the way through


Pull the webbing slackline end part all the way through the ratchet and make sure there is already some tension so you don´t have to pull the ratchet too much, because it cant wrap to much belt webbing through. TIP: Don´t get frustrated at the first time you do it – it needs some practise, but after some runs you´ll do it like it´s your job!


Tighten it up man! TIP: If you put your arms around the slackline, one left hand side the other right hand side around the webbing you´ll be able to put more power towards the ratchet handle to pull it. GOOD TO KNOW: The ratchet itself can only handle 500N (50kg) of force to tighten the webbing up. But once the slackline is build up and the ratchet is locked and secure the webbing belt it self holds up to 25,000N (2500kg) of tension! So go crazy!!!


Lock the ratchet! (see how to do this in the illustration) And now you are ready to go!




Hold the black handle part of your ratchet like you would hold on to your bike handle bar and reach out like you would want to pull the brakes on your bike and pull the little metal square.


Pull the ratchet down all the way. You need to hear a loud ´´KLACK´´ and see that the tension is off the line. TIP: The harder and faster you pull the the ratchet down the more webbing gets out of the ratchet and it will be easier to get the slackline belt out there.


Pull the slackline webbing belt out of the ratchet. TIP: If you wind your webbing nice and round together it will be easier to transport in your backpack or how ever you move it.