Kids learn how to slackline in Papamoa and Tauranga


It was a great afternoon at the Coast Kids Center in Papamoa, Tauranga near Mt. Maunganui. Slackline Shop NZ set up 3 slacklines and all 130 kids had a go. The kids were really into the slacklining and everyone walked the 15 meter slackline with help. First step was made after walking on the Slackrack which has 3 meters and 30cm off the ground. After that they walked on a 7 meter slackline in about 50cm height. And then last challenge and biggest step for them was the long Gibbon Surfer line in 70cm height which had around the earlier mentioned 15 meter. Big applause for all kids learned how to slackline this day in Papamoa, Tauranga.

Slacklining is great and easy to learn if you really want to, all kids agreed. Even though they understand it needed some concentration to do the first steps on a slackline!

Many thanks to Carla, Matt, Cole and the whole team of coast kids. Slackline parents who were not there yet should check it out, coast kids for after school time is perfect for kids who are active and love the outdoors or justr want to have a great time or an easy slacklife after done homework!

Here is the website link to coast kids Papamoa, Tauranga:

If you want to get more information About how to slackline, feel free to check out our “Learn” Section: