Meet Andy Lewis and Alex Mason at the Slackline World Cup in Germany 2015

Germany 2015. Slackline World Cup writes a new story. This year there are Team Battles. Andy Lewis is on eof the judges and Japan and Estonia has as many athletes as never before. Alex Mason is now sponsored by Red Bull.


This was the Competition Slackline Set they used this year, Andy Lewis Trickline with the Gibbon Anchor and Slackline Ratchets:

Anyway, it was one day before the Slackline World Cup in Munich when I met Alex Mason, Andy Lewis, Jaan Roose, Gappai and many more from the Gibbon Slacklines Pro International Team.


Here are the results, congratulation to all of them:

1. Team estonia: Jaan Roose and Tauri Vahesaar
2. Team Amerika: Alex Mason and Diego ”Pichichi” Diaz
3. Team brazil: Carlos Neto and Giovanna Petrucci

Here is the Slackline World Cup 2015 Men Team Final:

These are the finals! It’s hot and the boys are unbelievable! Mind-blowing trickline performance! This last round was just crazyyyyy>> Team Estonia vs. Team America#worldslacklinemasters #munich2015 #gibbonslacklines #contest #teambattle #jaanroose #taurivahessar #alexmason #pichichi

Posted by Gibbon Slacklines on Sunday, July 5, 2015


World Slackline Masters 2015 Girls Contest – FINAL

Watch the interview with Alex mason here: