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Slacklineshop NZ offers now a complete new range of services! We do now hire a range of slackline products, slackline equipment and selected slackline gear for you. We also can get you Slackline Lessons which are real slackline tutorials with a trained teacher and professional slackline gear to get you started with the amazing sport of Slacklining. We also offer Slackline Workshops for groups or Slackline events for bigger audiences to watch and see this spectacular new sport. Perfect also for Birthday Partys, Weddings, Annuals or Work Functions! If you wish to get involved with us to plan your unique Slackline Event with one single person or one hundred persons or more, please let us know – we will help you to get started with slacklining!

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Or check out our new online how-to-learn-slacklining Tutorial:

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