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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the delivery charges for orders from the Online Shop?
We ship your ordered slackline to you for free as long as you live in New Zealand and the order value is over $149.00. If you want to get it shipped somewhere out of New Zealand, please contact us through the form below.
Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?
We accept PayPal, Credit Cards and Direct Bank Transfers. If you don´t have a PayPal account you can pay through the PayPal credit card payment option without creating an account. Or if you want to through direct bank transfer it´s also no problem. Fastest would be PayPal account payment, then credit card payment and slowest would be bank transfer, because we have to wait till the amount of your order has cleared in our bank account. Thanks for understanding.
How long will delivery take?
Most likely we have to build your slackline after you placed the order for it. So please give us 2-3 business days to produce and process your order to have it ready for shipment. If you order a standard text weaving one, it´ll most likely be faster. After processing your order and boxing it ready for shipment it´s not in our hands anymore. Depends where you live in New Zealand the time of delivery could vary. But we here at the Slacklineshop NZ think for a good product and made in New Zealand only for you the waiting is fair! Hope you think the same. Thanks for being laid back.
How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?
Online shopping got really secure over the last years and so did online shopping with our system. We build the store with standard industry web design components so there was loats of security testing by the professional developers involved. Our databases are hand picked and so your details are at a save place and will never reach third parties. You can also checkout your order through a guest account, that means we won´t save any data of you, only the one we need to ship it to you which will only have a record in our order archive. As far as the payment goes there are professional payment gateway service provider chosen by us like Paypal. Paypal is one of the most secure way to pay online these days. For more information please visit
What exactly happens after ordering?
After you placed your order with us and your funds have cleared in our records we will check if your chosen slackline is already produced and if not we will make it freshly for you. You will get some emails from placing your order till you receive it. We´ll let you know what´s happening. Thanks for your trust in us!
Do I receive an invoice for my order?
Yes, we will send you an invoice as soon as you placed the order and we also send you confirmation about payment and process of your order as we work on it. Check your email spam folder if you can´t see any emails even after you placed an order, paid and waited for an hour. Thanks for your support.
How much customization can I have for a slackline?
We can write any thing onto your new slackline which you can fit with 60 characters into the custom text form box on the product detail page. We can only write blue woven text on a white webbing for now. But we can do any webbing length you want between 5 meter and 100 meter. But we recommend to stay under 50 meter with a 50mm width slackline webbing and get a second ratchet, so you have two ratchets to tighten it up, for any length over 25 meters. 25mm wide slackline webbings are better for lengths over 30 meters and the only way to go over 50 meters. Contact us if you are not sure about the dimensions of the slackline you are thinking about.
Can I order a slackline and have it send as a gift to someone I like?
Absolutely. You can place an order, pay for the product and we ship it as a present to someone you want. We will not include any invoices or order receipts to the shipping box. Only some greeting words if you want. Please write ''Send as a gift'' into the notes field during your checkout and drop us a line what you want to say to your loved ones, so we know what we have to do.

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