Read a bit about slacklining and slacklines first:

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Get a Beginner Slackline Set

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      Patrick Stern says:

      Hi Del,

      thanks for your comment! I am pretty sure a 9 year old can learn how to slackline anywhere in New Zealand! 🙂 No seriously, I think best is to get a slackline starter set for yourself and your youngster. At this moment there are no slackline park or other public facilities like skate parks offer, but we work on pubblic slackline parks for New Zealand. So either find friends or relatives with a slackline or get one you guys. I recommend this one here: you can start with 7-8 meter and work your way up to longer distances time by time up to 25 meter. If you not sure you could test a slackline from us in Wellington at ferges kayaks or in Raglan at the backpackers for free. Or if you order one from us and for some reason it doesn’t work for you guys, you can return it any time for a money refund, but you would be the first one doing that! 🙂 let me know if that answer helped you! Thanks, Patrick

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