Sample Skill Progression for Beginners

These are small steps you can take to improve your slack lining effectively, by slowly taking on harder and harder tasks.

  • Mount the line on one foot with a friend sitting on the line.
  • Increase the distance between you and the person sitting on the line.
  • Balance on one foot by yourself.
  • Balance on the other foot.
  • Balance with both feet, one behind the other, on the line.
  • Take small steps forward.
  • Take small steps backwards.
  • Mount the line sideways (shoulders parallel to the line) with both feet, one at a time.
  • Turn on the line.

Additionally, learn how to fall safely.

  • As a beginner you will likely be on a short, low-to-the-ground slackline. Most of the time you can land on your feet.
  • As you try new tricks, the slackline can “throw” you as you lose your balance. The best solution is to use the “throw” of the slackline to help you get away from the line and land on your feet.
  • If you are thrown off-balance from the line consider rolling through the fall to limit the impact.

You can also try starting with “training wheels.

  • One way to do so is to have a friend sit on the line a few feet away from you. This takes much of the sway and bounce out of the line. As you get better, have your friend move further away on the line to allow for more wobble.
  • When starting out, you can aid each other while learning to balance–have a spotter stand/walk next to the line. If you practice walking back and forth with a shoulder to lean on, you’ll soon find that you don’t need training wheels any more!

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