Slacklineshop NZ presents the best slackline video: FOREST BEASTS – SLACKLINE BY JAAN ROOSE AND TAURI VAHESAAR

Gibbon Slacklines just talked a little bit with our two Estonian Pro Athletes, about this amazing Trickline video:

What was your idea with this video?

Years ago we already made another crazy tandem project in ruins. With that video we showed the hardest tricklining performance as a duo/tandem. We knew we should collaborate again and raise the level. But we didn’t want to do one more hardcore trickline video. Our idea was to use more environment and different ways of rigging the slacklines by using this opportunity. The forest where Jaan usually trains, was the perfect spot for it. Tauri visited Jaan in spring 2016 and we did research for best spots and trees. It was difficult to find three trees growing in perfect line with the right distance between each other to rig two slacklines for a parallel slacklining by using trees (You see it in the beginning of the video). We kept our aggressive feelings in this video. Some people might think the “blood” or “axe” should he censored or whatever, but for Tauri it was fun eating those blueberries and vomiting them. Our vision was to keep the fun, aggressive style in our second tandem collaboration.

How did you get the inspiration?

We got the inspiration by trying as many different ways as possible to use slacklines. In the forest you can find so many possibilities, but you need to be creative to use the opportunities! In this video you can see the craziest ideas what we came up with! Jaan, already made some of the tricks (like the backflip from a tree…) earlier but just never showed them to someone. He waited for the right time. It also needed some training to make those tricks as a tandem! Perfect timing, skills and the perfect slackline-partner are important and performing this tricks as a tandem makes it even more powerful!

There are some crazy new tricks in this video! How long did it take for you, till it was perfect for the video?! For example the RIP LINE?

Some other tricks we had secretly landed years earlier already. New tricks we just made one by one and then as a tandem. We never roll camera if we haven’t tried it before. We run through each trick, step by step process until we get the final result: finding best spot, test rigging, single try, tandem try, training timing, camera angles and camera rolling. Line cutting was technically difficult and even harder in terms of safety. We destroyed quite a lot our GIBBON webbings piece by piece. Having to cut them in all possible ways. Jaan experimented some similar line “cutting” 3 years ago and now with Tauri they were able to make it big on multiple level! By the way, we are thankful to GIBBON SLACKLINES for providing us with all necessary high-quality gear to make “FOREST BEASTS |SLACKLINE” happen.

Would you recommend others to do tricks, like you made in the video?

“Highly not recommended.” The force is stronger and chances to get hurt from doing such tandem slacklining is way higher than usual single trickline. Forest environment is not soft and safe. So many tree branches, stumps, and blueberries around haha… As we knew we had the ability to land the tricks, it was mentally harder to do it in tandem, higher and in the right moment.
It was unbelievable hard for Tauri to make his 3 meter high frontflip over nothing than the forest ground! It was mentally the hardest element he ever has landed on a slackline. A little mistake could change everything and he had bad falls with that trick. Both of us had bad falls… Jaan injured his back and we had to make a break. Unfortunately you will see that trick in their next video 😉
PLEASE DO NOT TRY TRICKS LIKE THAT, ESPECIALLY KIDS! We don´t recommend it, because the skills to try those things doesn’t come over night! It takes years to make it safely! Better just enjoy the video!

Do you have any tips for people who want to start slacklining?

Balancing on a slackline feels amazing and is a really good way to make a complete body workout, connect with new people, be in the nature and enjoy to be in the moment!
Take it easy! It is not about getting fast really good, but being in the moment and enjoying the feeling you get while being on the line. Slackline can be used many many WAYS, for example all body workout with the GIBBON FITNESS SLACKRACKS or just fun sessions in the park with friends. With the free GIBBON APP you can learn all about slacklining and find easy your way to your first steps. Get the GIBBON APP and start slacklining, but most of all ”Be Creative”.

By the way, Jaan and Tauri are already planning their next video project! The ideas are just sputtering out of their brains!