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This was the New Zealand Highline Festival 2016 in Christchurch


Thanks to all the Newzealand Highline festival visiters and participaters! The pictures just look great and the slacklines set up looked even better. Respect to all the folks who walked across and thanks to all the people who set up the lines and made this festival a great one! Keep it up! Watch all pictures […]

Biggest Slacklinepark with Longlining A-frames and concrete ground anchorat Move Festival in Copenhagen Danemark


Hey slackline folks! This blog post is shared from a Slackline group on facebook called slackchat, I wanted to share the exact post, because I was just stoked about how great the guys from the Move Festival in Copenhagen, Danmark realized such huge slackline park without one tree! There are even Longline A-Frames and a […]

Indoor Slackline Session for everyone in Wellington – Give it a go

Indoor Slackline Sessions Wellington New Zealand

What? Slackline Sessions indoor. We don’t care about the weather anymore! Where? At The Anchor Church in Whitby. Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand. When? Every Monday from 3-5pm. How Much? $2. What exactly? We offer you 3 slacklines and a slackrack to play with. We have plans to build more – including a practice high line. Next school […]

We hire Slacklines and do workshops now


Slacklineshop NZ offers now a complete new range of services! We do now hire a range of slackline products, slackline equipment and selected slackline gear for you. We also can get you Slackline Lessons which are real slackline tutorials with a trained teacher and professional slackline gear to get you started with the amazing sport of […]

Which Elephant Slackline Set is the right one for me?


Each of our sets is perfect for slacklining. Differences in set-up start to get important when you for instance take up jumping. In that case, the freak system that includes slings and shackles is definitely the better choice. If the slackline is used for beginners or kids, the girth hitch systems can be used in […]

How to do Slackline Tricks in Carrara Park Wellington New Zealand


Past Sunday we got together in Carrara Park in Newtown, Wellington, New Zealand to do some slacklining. Along with us, the slackliners, there was a little festival going on. Musicians, artists, parcours and dance performer. There was also a performance part for the slackline guys, which did good but almost missed their time slot. In […]

Give Slacklining a Go – Meetup Group Frank Kitts Park Wellington New Zealand


After a long break we finally got back together to give Slacklining a go through the Wellington Adventure Meetup Group. Not even one day after creating the slackline event we had more than 8 people signed up and we had at the end 5 people on the waiting list. It means there is quite some demand for […]