Monthly Archives: March 2015

Flat Slackline Webbing vs. Tubular Slackline Webbing


We get these questions a lot here at the Slackline Shop and have done our best to write together some pros and cons about each option. What benefits each webbing has as well as list the main differences in bullet points. Flat Webbing easier to get tensioned more bouncy when jumping more direct response lighter […]

Slackline Work-Out Fitness Balance Training Sport Benefit


Slacklining is the perfect training method for your favorite primary sport. Using the slackline is the best workout to get fit for any other sport on your feet. Balancing on a slackline trains your core muscles like no other sport. Using your arms and legs in a natural way to keep balance will benefit in any way […]

We hire Slacklines and do workshops now


Slacklineshop NZ offers now a complete new range of services! We do now hire a range of slackline products, slackline equipment and selected slackline gear for you. We also can get you Slackline Lessons which are real slackline tutorials with a trained teacher and professional slackline gear to get you started with the amazing sport of […]