Monthly Archives: November 2015

Ben Gingold – Our new sponsored Slackline pro Athlete


We are proud to announce our new sponsored slackline athlete in our New Zealand pro team: Ben Gingold. Meet Ben: Born and raised in the UK, Ben spent his childhood surfing the atlantic shores of sunny Cornwall. As well as a love for the outdoors, he soon developed a passion for altitude and by just eighteen […]

Slacklining Christchurch – Highlining in the Newspapers of New zealand


Daredevils are taking to the Port Hills to test their balancing skills 10 metres above the ground. Slacklining – and its scarier offshoot of highlining – has exploded overseas and is catching on in Christchurch. Traditionally, slacklining involved walking precariously on a thin piece of nylon a metre or two off the ground. Highlining upside […]