50 Meter Primitive Slackline Kit


This primitive slackline kit is a lightweight slackline kit with 50 meters of 25mm webbing. Once you learn how to set up this kit you are looking at really natural and pure slackline system. Complete primitive slackline kit with 50 meters of flat 25mm webbing, 2 x 250cm sewn slings, 4 carabiners and 2 line lockers.

Add Tree Protection

Slackline Tree Protection Set - Standard

The Slackline Shop Tree Protection Set. Two pieces of grey velcro wraps for minimum tree protection. Protect your nature and maintain your gear! Tree protection is a must for any slackline setup, many local authorities around the country will only allow slacklining with the use of tree protection so please respect the trees and the rules so we can all continue to enjoy. This is the same tree protection included with all of our Slackline Shop brand kits.