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Slackline Work-Out Fitness Balance Training Sport Benefit


Slacklining is the perfect training method for your favorite primary sport. Using the slackline is the best workout to get fit for any other sport on your feet. Balancing on a slackline trains your core muscles like no other sport. Using your arms and legs in a natural way to keep balance will benefit in any way […]

GIBBON Longlining Slackline Gear is now available in New Zealand


For those who want to have fun balancing beyond 30 meters! Now its official – Slackliner and Longliner and Trickliner in New Zealand can now order the really specialized products directly from us here in New Zealand with free shipping! Get your Longlining and Tricklining gear like the GIBBON LineLock or GIBBON PittPull or GIBBON LineGrip […]

Slacklining Everywhere – Even Indoor with the GIBBON SlackRack 300


The GIBBON SLACK RACK 300 is a self supporting system, which signifies itself by a quick and effortless setup and by its diverse possibilities in usage! Popular in schools, training centers in physiotherapy or simply for usage at home or for workshops and presentations, the SLACK RACK 300 combines simple fun with valuable training possibilities […]