Jaan Roose – Maybe the biggest Trickline Slackline Athlete of 2015


Do you know this amazing Athlete from Estonia? Probably not. Well, then it is time to get to know him:

Name: Jaan Roose
Geburtsdatum 11.01.1992
Beruf: Student
Stadt / Land: Estonia, Tallinn
Hobbies: Parkour, slacklining, freerunning


I’m slacklining since 2010. That was parkour jam in May 2010. Estonian official Gibbon Slacklines ditributor was there and introduced to us slacklining. This is was unforgettable experience. I learned walking on slackline within hour. In the end of day me and my friend Sergei almost landed the backflip. We got awarded with jibline. My really training started with KoS 2010 where I learned every new trick with new round.

First time I get in touch with GIBBON after King of Slackline 2010. They asked me to come to ISPO 2010 and then I met them first time.

Achievements in Slacklining:

Gibbon Outdoor 2011 – 2nd place
Gibbon King of Slackline 2011 – Winner
Gibbon King of Slackline 2010 – 2nd place

My Slogan:

Intensive practice breaks all limits!

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