Slacklineshop NZ presents the best slackline video: FOREST BEASTS – SLACKLINE BY JAAN ROOSE AND TAURI VAHESAAR

Gibbon Slacklines just talked a little bit with our two Estonian Pro Athletes, about this amazing Trickline video:

What was your idea with this video?

Years ago we already made another crazy tandem project in ruins. With that video we showed the hardest tricklining performance as a duo/tandem. We knew we should collaborate again and raise the level. But we didn’t want to do one more hardcore trickline video. Our idea was to use more environment and different ways of rigging the slacklines by using this opportunity. The forest where Jaan usually trains, was the perfect spot for it. Tauri visited Jaan in spring 2016 and we did research for best spots and trees. It was difficult to find three trees growing in perfect line with the right distance between each other to rig two slacklines for a parallel slacklining by using trees (You see it in the beginning of the video). We kept our aggressive feelings in this video. Some people might think the “blood” or “axe” should he censored or whatever, but for Tauri it was fun eating those blueberries and vomiting them. Our vision was to keep the fun, aggressive style in our second tandem collaboration.

How did you get the inspiration?

We got the inspiration by trying as many different ways as possible to use slacklines. In the forest you can find so many possibilities, but you need to be creative to use the opportunities! In this video you can see the craziest ideas what we came up with! Jaan, already made some of the tricks (like the backflip from a tree…) earlier but just never showed them to someone. He waited for the right time. It also needed some training to make those tricks as a tandem! Perfect timing, skills and the perfect slackline-partner are important and performing this tricks as a tandem makes it even more powerful!

There are some crazy new tricks in this video! How long did it take for you, till it was perfect for the video?! For example the RIP LINE?

Some other tricks we had secretly landed years earlier already. New tricks we just made one by one and then as a tandem. We never roll camera if we haven’t tried it before. We run through each trick, step by step process until we get the final result: finding best spot, test rigging, single try, tandem try, training timing, camera angles and camera rolling. Line cutting was technically difficult and even harder in terms of safety. We destroyed quite a lot our GIBBON webbings piece by piece. Having to cut them in all possible ways. Jaan experimented some similar line “cutting” 3 years ago and now with Tauri they were able to make it big on multiple level! By the way, we are thankful to GIBBON SLACKLINES for providing us with all necessary high-quality gear to make “FOREST BEASTS |SLACKLINE” happen.

Would you recommend others to do tricks, like you made in the video?

“Highly not recommended.” The force is stronger and chances to get hurt from doing such tandem slacklining is way higher than usual single trickline. Forest environment is not soft and safe. So many tree branches, stumps, and blueberries around haha… As we knew we had the ability to land the tricks, it was mentally harder to do it in tandem, higher and in the right moment.
It was unbelievable hard for Tauri to make his 3 meter high frontflip over nothing than the forest ground! It was mentally the hardest element he ever has landed on a slackline. A little mistake could change everything and he had bad falls with that trick. Both of us had bad falls… Jaan injured his back and we had to make a break. Unfortunately you will see that trick in their next video ;-)
PLEASE DO NOT TRY TRICKS LIKE THAT, ESPECIALLY KIDS! We don´t recommend it, because the skills to try those things doesn’t come over night! It takes years to make it safely! Better just enjoy the video!

Do you have any tips for people who want to start slacklining?

Balancing on a slackline feels amazing and is a really good way to make a complete body workout, connect with new people, be in the nature and enjoy to be in the moment!
Take it easy! It is not about getting fast really good, but being in the moment and enjoying the feeling you get while being on the line. Slackline can be used many many WAYS, for example all body workout with the GIBBON FITNESS SLACKRACKS or just fun sessions in the park with friends. With the free GIBBON APP you can learn all about slacklining and find easy your way to your first steps. Get the GIBBON APP and start slacklining, but most of all ”Be Creative”.

By the way, Jaan and Tauri are already planning their next video project! The ideas are just sputtering out of their brains!

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I know what happened last summer on the Slackline World Cup in Germany. Do you?


We never saw so many so crazy and perfect performed Slackline Tricks ever before than on the 2016 summer world cup of slacklining. But have a look at the video and get an idea yourself. We believe that New Zealands Slackliner have something to follow up with this summer while the northern hemisphere is sleeping over the winter. So get ready, put on your slackline shoes and make some walks, tricks and jumps. Get your balance back together. Get fit, have fun and enjoy the fatanstic sport of slack lining! We see you on the line!


This was the New Zealand Highline Festival 2016 in Christchurch


Thanks to all the Newzealand Highline festival visiters and participaters! The pictures just look great and the slacklines set up looked even better. Respect to all the folks who walked across and thanks to all the people who set up the lines and made this festival a great one! Keep it up!

Watch all pictures and people on facebook of the NZHF 2016:


Secret Slackline Spot Summer Start Spring Break Trickline Session Slacklining New Zealand with Gibbon Slacklines


Summer is coming folks, and we have the slacklines ready for you! Start with a beginner set, then get a top brand in Slacklining like Gibbon or Elephant Slacklines. Find your style and discipline and get either into Longlining or Tricklining. Watch this beautiful mellow Slackline Summer Session and learn how to fly with balance on one of our slacklines. Enjoy Summer!



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New Zealands First official Slackline Park – Plimmerton, Porirua, Wellington


We are so pround to announce this. Thanks to Brad, Matthew and the whole Anchor Me Slackline Group from Porirua – you guys are awesome! Keep the great work and effort up. The Slacklining Community in Wellington and all New Zealand has to thank you guys a lot!


Here is the location of the Slackline Park:



Where is your favorite Slackline Spot? Maybe at a remote driftwood beach?


Slackline enthousuasts are not just about learning new tricks or mounting a extreme high or long slackline. Slackliners are not just about having the best gear. Slackline athletes are not just about walking a new distance record. Slacklining is not just about fitness and balance. Being on a slackline is also important about where the slackline is. The perfect Slackline Spot is what we all searching for – just like a surfer is searching the perfect wave. Have a look at our slackline spot picture collection. Please send us more amazing images of slackline spots you have been or you wish to go to!


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Jaan Roose – Maybe the biggest Trickline Slackline Athlete of 2015


Do you know this amazing Athlete from Estonia? Probably not. Well, then it is time to get to know him:

Name: Jaan Roose
Geburtsdatum 11.01.1992
Beruf: Student
Stadt / Land: Estonia, Tallinn
Hobbies: Parkour, slacklining, freerunning


I’m slacklining since 2010. That was parkour jam in May 2010. Estonian official Gibbon Slacklines ditributor was there and introduced to us slacklining. This is was unforgettable experience. I learned walking on slackline within hour. In the end of day me and my friend Sergei almost landed the backflip. We got awarded with jibline. My really training started with KoS 2010 where I learned every new trick with new round.

First time I get in touch with GIBBON after King of Slackline 2010. They asked me to come to ISPO 2010 and then I met them first time.

Achievements in Slacklining:

Gibbon Outdoor 2011 – 2nd place
Gibbon King of Slackline 2011 – Winner
Gibbon King of Slackline 2010 – 2nd place

My Slogan:

Intensive practice breaks all limits!

Further sponsors:



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Watch Jaan Roose in the 2015 European Outdoor Film Festival Teaser:

Check out Jaan Roose as backstage slackline trainer of Madonna:



Watch full slackline movie “Untethered” for free in over 30 min length



This film is an epic ride from beginning to the end. Offering an inspiring look into a group that pursues the unthinkable.


Watch the full slackline film “Untethered” here:

Or follow this link:

UNTETHERED from Leftcoast Media House on Vimeo.



There has never been a better time to start making videos. We live in a time where there is an overwhelming availability of capable video making tools. Cameras and computers that people decades ago only dreamed of. As a young filmmaker I myself am a product of other people being open and sharing their process and their experience. I want to give back to you by doing the same myself. This notion of trade secrets doesn’t exist in my world. The best way to keep up with the content I am making around the film is through instagram, you can follow my weekly vlog or you can join my email list bellow. Let me know what you thought of the film! It would be so rad to hear from you.


Read full story here:


Ben Gingold – Our new sponsored Slackline pro Athlete


We are proud to announce our new sponsored slackline athlete in our New Zealand pro team: Ben Gingold.

Meet Ben:

Born and raised in the UK, Ben spent his childhood surfing the atlantic shores of sunny Cornwall. As well as a love for the outdoors, he soon developed a passion for altitude and by just eighteen years old had already qualified as a solo skydiver. Whilst studying Mathematics at university, Ben was pioneering many firsts in UK highlining and progressing further in parachute sports. During this time Ben founded a company dedicated to the distribution of safety gear and the information needed to help other keen adventurers follow in his footsteps safely. Now, Ben travels the world in pursuit of the ultimate adventure involving ropes, parachutes and the great outdoors.

Ben is a…





He walked…





Nothing can ever truly describe that feeling of freedom you experience in taking a running launch from the edge of a cliff and feeling the wind rushing through your fingers as you fly your body through the mountain air, or the freedom in overthrowing fear and walking across a wobbly slackline thousands of metres above the ground. It’s that freedom that I love, and that feeling that draws me to the sky. This passion has taken me further across the globe than I could have ever expected, and landed me in more bizarre situations than I could ever have imagined. But it was not without the kindness and generosity of so many wonderful people that I’ve made it where I am today. I want to share with you these adventures so I can show you not only how much fun I’m having, but also the incredible people who’ve helped me get there, their unique cultures and the stunning parts of the world that they call home.  I hope I can show you that the world is full of wonderful people at every turn and inspire you to step outside of your comfort zone and experience real freedom! The press make us fear the world and most of the people in it, but I want to encourage you to rationalise that fear, step out into the unknown and see the magnificent people and places that fill our planet.

As a mathematician I love a good diagram, and here’s one of my favourites. Nothing explains it better, so I’ll leave it at that.

– Ben








Visit Ben’s Website for more information or like his Facebook page:


See here what Longline Slackline Set Ben is using.


Read what happened this summer:

“We finally did it! Yesterday we made the first ever crossing of the iconic Torlesse gap, breaking the record for New Zealand’s highest highline! It took almost a year of planning, assessing and organisation, including four trips up there to make it happen, but walking along that line yesterday with almost 2000m of exposure either side made it completely worth it. This was by far the most challenging project I’ve ever worked on. The weather here is incredibly difficult to predict and waiting for a window was painful. The rock is loose and flaky, the cliffs are dangerous and even just…” Read full story on our facebook page:


Slacklining Christchurch – Highlining in the Newspapers of New zealand


Daredevils are taking to the Port Hills to test their balancing skills 10 metres above the ground.

Slacklining – and its scarier offshoot of highlining – has exploded overseas and is catching on in Christchurch.

Traditionally, slacklining involved walking precariously on a thin piece of nylon a metre or two off the ground.

Highlining upside down in the Port Hills above Christchurch.
Highlining upside down in the Port Hills above Christchurch.

Highlining has taken it, literally, to a new level.

Christchurch is home to 30 to 50 active slackliners, who practice in Hagley Park in the evenings before highlining in the Port Hills.

Among them is 28-year-old William Heevinga, whose goal is to walk an 80 metre highline across The Gap, in Porters Pass.


He was among a group practising in Hagley Park on Friday night.

“Venturing out over something, where humans are not really intended to be, half way up a cliff with the line swaying in the wind, you feel like you’re floating.

“You have to focus so intently on balance. It’s like an active meditation. For that brief moment, while you’re on the line, everything else doesn’t matter. It’s quite a powerful experience.”

It comes with risks. He tore a neck muscle after falling off a 2 metre slackline, but was undeterred.

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“One day, I want to unicycle on a slackline.”

Ben Gingold did his first highline within a week of moving to Christchurch from the United Kingdom last December.

“It is so much more terrifying than what I thought, when you finally get over your mental fears and relax, it’s amazing,” he said.

The Hagley Park practices caught the eye of many locals.

“Everyone always comes along and asks us what’s happening, it attracts a lot of attention,” Gingold said.

Highliners wore a climbing harness tied to a rope, which dragged behind them to keep them safe, but the risk of falling off still felt more daunting than slacklining at the park, Gingold said.

If he lost his balance on a highline, it was about a 10 metre fall.

“It’s sort of like going for a little bungy jump, it’s a tricky climb back up.”

Mauro Covre, 30, joined the Slacklining Christchurch group after moving to the city from Italy this year.

“We do it about three or four times a week, it depends on the weather though. On Friday nights sometimes we do it in the moonlight”, he said.

Covre said there were about 30 to 50 active slackliners in Christchurch but hundreds more have participated at some point.

Canterbury University student Josh Barry, who is a passionate rock climber, stumbled across some slackliners on the Port Hills a few weeks ago.

“I thought it was pretty insane, it’s something I would love to try though.”


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