Slacklining Auckland New Zealand – The old railway station park


Slacklining Auckland’s old railway station means park, Te Taou Res, really good sets of trees to setup a slackline. There are at least 7 sets of trees to set up 10 meter slacklines at a time and there is one spot to set up a 23 meter long slackline. We setup our 30 meter double ratchet slackline kit with the 50mm slackline webbing. Slacklining Auckland’s palm trees means also put up slackline webbing on really thick palm trees, so we used two tree anchor extensions, which are nothing else but extra webbing slings. Our slackline anchor extension were around 4 meter long as webbing and as a sling they extended the slackline tree anchor abound the half which was 2 meter and a bit. At the day we where there, there was some wind which brought sometimes some unwanted movement into the slackline, but thats just whats happening with a slackline over 20 meter. It’s all a really good balance training. The 30 meter slackline kit with the 50mm webbing from Slacklineshop NZ shows it’s real excellent characteristic in a length over 15 meter, because over that length the stretch opens up to a really nice flexibility which overs many ways to pull off tricks. Just like the butt bounce, you can see in the pictures, which I am practicing these days. I think the 30 meter double ratchet slackline set from us is a really good way to get either into longlining, because you still have the extra wideness in the 50mm wide webbing. And also like I mentioned earlier the length over 15 meter gives a really nice flex to pull your first tricks! The other good thing is that with the two ratchets you get the extra tension onto the slackline which you definitely needs on a distance over 20 meter. The setup is super easy and only needs one person, no really knowledge about knots and pulley systems and less than 10 minutes. I highly recommend the double ratchet kit in 30 meter to you guys if you practiced slacklining for a bit and want to get to the next level!



Auckland’s old railway station – Te Taou Res park

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  1. Gudrun says:

    Awesome location! The two palmtrees are massive, but with the tree anchor extension we could setup the ratchets easily. The distance with a little over 20 meter was really challenging. But with the two ratchets we could get enough tension on the webbing to have a lot of fun….

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