Slackline Nelson and Slacklining Christchurch – SlacklineShop Test Tour Stops


Hi Slackline Folks, it’s been a great tour so far. We’ve been to Nelson and Christchurch last couple of days. It is amazing to see how many people are into slacklining here already! We met so many guys just beeing stocked about slacklining in New Zealand and what love what slacklining does to you!

It feels like the are big slackline communities in Christchurch and Nelson already! There are even Facebook communities and people got in contact with us even before we arrived to the Nelson slackline spots or the Christchurch Slackline locations!

Here are the links to the Christchurch Slackline Group:

And the Christchurch Slacklining Group:

And the Nelson Slacklining Group:

And of course the Slackline Collective Nelson:

Feel free to join those groups if you want to go Slacklining in Nelson or Christchruch, We are sure the Slackliners from Nelson and Christchurch will love to setup a slackline with you!

That is amazing to see! That’s why we stopped a day longer for slacklining in Christchurch and also spend more time for slacklining in Nelson.

We did take a couple of really cool pictures we want to share with you slackliners out there in New Zealand and special thanks to the Christchurch and Nelson Slackline Communities! Keep it up!


Here are the best snapshots of the Nelson Slackline Sessions:

Pictures from Nelson Slackline Sessions are taken at the Nelson Beach Tahunanui

And here are the best snapshots of the Christchurch Slackline Sessions:

Pictures are taken at the Re-Start Mall in Christchurch.

Pictures are taken at the Cave Rock on Sumner Beach Christchurch: