Traveling and Slacklining in Samoa


The first photo shoot for started with a trip to Samoa to escape the winter cold Wellington and Auckland in New Zealand. We wanted to get somewhere warm and brought along our slackline. It wasn´t a problem to get the slackline to the island with the plane, Virgin Australia was really laid back. I put the ratchet into the checked in luggage and the belt part without metal into my carry on backpack. To travel with the slackline wasn´t any problem. The slacklines from aren´t heavy. Neither did they get affected by sand or salt in the air from ocean. The Slacklineshop slacklines did perform really well in such a hot and moist climate.

Anyways, once we where on Sawaii after spend some time in Apia on Upolu, we just put the 15 meter slackline up between two palm trees right at the beach. Soon there where some curious Samoan women and some Kiwi tourist kids hitting the slackline with us on the beach. Warm air and sunny weather – can´t wait to put the slackline up here in New Zealand to get the same feeling! Check out our photos:


Slacklining in Satuiatua, Sawaii, Samoa