See how to setup a slackline without trees at the boat cafe in Wellington


There are actually ways to build up a slackline without having trees around. Sometimes there are items near by just like big stones, street light poles or simply concrete blocks. Just like the ones we found next to the boat cafe in Wellington. The boat cafe is on the oriental parade next to the pier. It´s really easy to find and it´s such a nice place to hang out. There are green areas for a pick nick, little playground for kids, toilets, showers, ice cream, take away coffee, parking near by and even a climbing wall. And there is probably nothing better to do on a average weather day then go inside the Freyberg pool and have a relaxing time at the sauna or spa. Anyway, we found it a really nice spot to build up the slackline, enjoy the view into Wellington´s bay and have a go on the slackline  – even without trees.


Slacklining next to the Boat Cafe on the Oriental Parade in Wellington

2 thoughts on “See how to setup a slackline without trees at the boat cafe in Wellington

  1. Katie says:

    In my opinion, this slackline is the perfect deal. Great product for a real good price. I only just started slacklining and I am more than happy with this one. Thanks!

    • Patrick Stern says:

      Hi Katie,
      Thanks for your feedback! I am stoked you like the 15 meter slackline you got! Let me know when your down for another slacklining session here in Wellington or somewhere else in New Zealand!
      Cheers, Patrick

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